Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Do You Want?

Have you ever dated someone and later looked back and thought, "What was I thinking?" Or liked someone that had little to nothing in common with you? Well, we are all humans, meaning we don't have the power to predict the future or how a certain relationship will work out. But if you take this advice, it might weed out the unsuitable suitors a little easier.

Make a list of all the things you want in a mate, this being your list of standards. Yes, it is being "picky"; doing this will obviously limit the number of possible guys that you could date. But it makes sense. Why would you date someone who doesn't meet your list of "requirements"? This list will keep you from making mistakes or just wasting you and your date's time.

When it comes to the actual list, make sure to include all things that are very important to you. For example, values, morals, how they treat other people, and likes/dislikes. Be picky enough to know what you want, but don't be too picky such as "His name must be Ryan."

Example :
1. Must be a Christian
2. Must have a good sense of humor
3. Must treat others with respect, such as servers in a restaurant
4. Must be close to his family
5. Must be an outdoorsman

Obviously, your list will be longer and more detailed than that. That's just an example.

Why is it important to make a list of standards? Having this list will help you determine what you desire in a boyfriend/husband. It will save you time and wasted heartache.

Keep in mind that nobody or no relationship is perfect! There might not be someone who meets ALL of your standards, but do NOT settle for someone who meets none of them. You are worth being with someone you deserve!

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