Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer Hair Inspiration!

It's hot out and that always makes me regret having long hair. Here are a few cute hair ideas for summer, for the bold girls who want to chop it off or for the faint of heart who just want to pull it back!

Monday, June 18, 2012


Hey guys! It's Jessica and I am making an announcement. We are looking for writer(s) for the magazine! If you would be interested in writing articles, as a guest or on a regular basis please e-mail me or comment below. If you have any ideas for articles you would like to read, just let me know! Thanks everyone!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dealing with Persecution

Life as a Christian is hard. It's not only giving up things in life that are wrong, turning away from our sins, and trying to live right that makes it difficult. One thing in particular makes it hard. That is the people that will try to bring you down or persecute you. What is persecution? Well, I looked the word up in the dictionary: 


verb (used with object), per·se·cut·ed, per·se·cut·ing.
to pursue with harassing or oppressive treatment, especially because of religion, race, or beliefs; harass persistently.
to annoy or trouble persistently.

Persecution can be a physical thing, but in this post, I am talking about verbal persecution. An example is when someone judges you for trying to do only what is right, calling you names because you try to live a sinless life. If you have tried to live in a way pleasing to God, you have most likely been persecuted. It hurts. We should always remember though, that in the end, what God thinks of us is SO much more important than what the world thinks of us.