Wednesday, January 12, 2011

9 Things To Do While You're Single

Being alone doesn't have to be sad and boring! Give a few of these fun ideas a try.

1.) Have girls night – Invite the friends over, do makeovers, facial masks (like this one), and just have girl talk!

2.) Take yourself out on a date – Take yourself for a nice dinner, to that movie you’ve been dying to see, or just out for ice cream.
3.) Buy yourself flowers – Who doesn’t love getting flowers? Being from yourself makes them no less beautiful.

4.) Take up a new hobby – For me, it is scrapbooking. I never really enjoyed it until now, but now I am wanting to take pictures of every little thing I do, just so I can put it in my scrapbook!
5.) Watch all the sappy movies/tv shows you want – Nobody is around to moan and groan that you are watching “The Notebook” for the 10th time or watching Keeping up with the Kardashians every time it’s on.
6.) Volunteer – This is something I really want to do. Use your free time to do something great! Find your passion : animals, environment, or helping other people, and then do something to change the world!
7.) Go on a trip with friends – This doesn’t necessarily have to be a big expensive road trip, just go on a day trip. Google fun, free things to do in the state you live in, make a list and then check out the most interesting ones.
8.) Make changes to better yourself – Choose one part of your life you want to excel in, whether it’s that you want to make all A’s this semester or something as simple as wanting to learn how to correctly apply makeup. Choose a goal, and then act on it.
9.) Lastly, do what makes you happy – Spend at least 30 minutes a day on you. Figure out what you love, then do it! Whether it’s reading, blogging, painting, drawing, fashion, or whatever!

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