Thursday, April 28, 2011

Product Review: Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish

$4-5 (Walmart, Target, drugstores)

Revlon claims their new Top Speed Nail Polish dries in 60 seconds. Now, I didn't set a timer and put them to the test, but I did notice that it dried considerably faster than my normal polish (Sally Hansen). I also liked the applicator brush better than Sally Hansen's; the polish seemed to glide on easier.

Here's a bad picture of what 2 dry coats looked like:

The color I used is called Chili. Like I said, this picture is kind of bad, but I was really pleased with the appearance. Very bright and bold.

I'm just a little confused about how dry they mean it's supposed to be in 60 seconds. It was barely touchable in about 2 minutes, and there definitely would have been smudges if I hadn't let my nails dry for a while longer. I guess I was hoping for completely dry nails in an instant, and that, I didn't get. 

4/5 winks

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